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FortiGate – Configuration (Part 4) – Administration and Management setup | Active Directory Setup | Administration with AD Group Membership

Having multiple administrators managing your Security devices is common practice, every user that is supposed to have access to a Firewall should have access to it. This needs to be controlled by an identity server; in this case, we will use Microsoft Active Directory. Looking to catch up up the FortiGate Series? – Make sure

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FortiGate – Configuration Series

Hey there, I created a quick series that goes over Fortinet Configuration. Initially, this series goes over simple configuration tasks Let me know if this is helpful FortiGate Configuration Series Main Post FortiGate – Configuration (Part 1) – Interfaces and Getting Started FortiGate – Configuration (Part 2) – Static Routes | Firewall Policies | Port

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FortiGate – Configuration (Part 3) – Web Filtering | Read-only SSL handshake inspection | Troubleshooting | Adding FortiGate CA Certificate to Windows 10

The Security Profile – Web Filter FortiOS has a neat section for all the Security Profiles; this GUI is straightforward and intuitive. So let’s see what we have by default. Looking to catch up up the FortiGate Series? – Make sure you check the Main Page for it –> FortiGate – Configuration Series. From the

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