Fix for the Apache Struts2 Vulnerability on UCCX (CSCvd63322) – Posted to CCO

I rarely post twice in the same day and most if it is scheduled from days before, however, I thought this one was important. Cisco just released the following fix that looks to address/patch this vulnerability.

Here is the CCO Link to download and install the patch on your new and upgraded UCCX 11.5 servers

Here is the link to the readme (Not really much information on what the whole thing, but just the installation instructions)

What is the deal?
In the past few weeks, a vulnerability was discovered in software that uses Apache Struts2… I think it may not be right if I go and explain the whole thing because I might miss few important things, but basically, the vulnerability enables an attacker to perform a remote code execution on the server running it. I decided to add the link –> Follow this link (Talos) and don’t own that explanation 🙂

I was under the impression that UCCX was not affected as per the initial post does not list it as affected.

In case you want to know more about this vulnerability look at the Apache Website.

For more important vulnerability reports from Apache Struts 2 follow this link

Cisco Affected Software

Now talking more about all the Cisco products that are confirmed affected by the vulnerability. Please take a look at this link (CVE-ID CVE-2017-5638)


What to look forward to?

I think is very important for us as Consultants, Engineers, Network/Voice Administrators, to look at the most recent UCCX 11.5 installations and install this patch on any of the affected software you may have running or installed in the previous months.

Last words?

Patch those servers!!

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