Tropo Series: Good resources to keep around when playing with the Tropo Scripting API

If you are experiencing and learning how to play with Tropo, make sure you check all these tools, it really make sense and are very easy to use.

Speaking Languages

In case you are in need to get a full list of Spoken Languages and different styles, make sure you look the page

Speaking Multiple Languages

** I have to admit, in my native language it sounds very good, I bet that the others is just great

Need to play with Synthesized Speech Markup Language (SSML)

Take caution with only one title thing,

Tropo supports all of the Required elements of the SSML specification with one exception. SSML supports a tag called “voice” which allows a developer to specify the voice name. In Tropo voice is a parameter of the say or ask verbs and should be set as documented. Attempting to set voice within SSML will result in a failure for the text to render or use a voice other than the one intended.

Synthesized Speech Markup Language

Adding Voicemail Detection to an outbound Tropo Application

This is a nice one, the ammount of ideas that this one sparks are very broad (No pun intended)

Voicemail Detection

One cool example… and this one applies to many businesses that have repetitive calling patterns/messages

Call the person
Call goes to Voicemail
Leave an alternate “Generic Message” when VM picks up the call

Saved you few minutes a call… 🙂

Generic and Professional Voice Prompts… Yes Tropo did that!

Another thing that really makes me like the Tropo team already is that they make solutions easier… I’m still just on the learning phase and I’m already liking what I see. I personally added this one to my Toolbox in case I need it in the future.

Generic Voice Prompts from Tropo

My take and last words

There are so many other tools available in their documentation, I think is worth a few minutes of your time to take a look at. I also want to remind everyone out there that I’m by no means a coder, and right now I’m learning as I go… so far my experience with Tropo has been a breeze

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