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In order to organize myself for my lab preparation I need to work on my speed and accuracy, so I created quick and very general Lab outlines, which will be covering CUCM as of now. I created them so that I can guide myself and know where to begin, where to stop and don’t burn myself (hoping this strategy to work!!)

I know I’m missing lots and lots of information and study domains, such as QoS and yes, QoS… Infrastructure and Multicast… I do feel confident with the Network infrastructure configuration, but need more work on QoS and Multicast, if you know of good QoS labs let me know… enjoy!

Lab – Phone Registration & Basic Audio Calling

  • CM Group
  • NTP Reference
  • Date Time Group
  • Device Pools
  • Regions
    • Define G729 Codec between Sites
    • Test
    • Define iLBC codec between sites
    • Test
  • Register Phones


Lab – Media Resources

  • Configure MoH
  • ConfigureTranscoders
    • Support all possible Codecs
  • Configure Conference Bridge (Hardware)
  • Configure MTP (Software)
  • Configure Trusted Relay Points

Lab – Call Admission Control Configuration

  • Configure EL CAC Locations
  • Configure RSVP

Lab – Configure Gateways and Call Signaling

  • R1 – MGCP
  • R2 – H.323
  • R3 – SIP
  • Dial-peers
  • Voice Translation Rules
  • CUCM Integration

Lab – Configure Dial Plan – Traditional

Lab – Configure Dial Plan – Globalization & Localization

  • Configure AAR
  • Configure TEHO
  • Configure Caller ID with + and with no +

Lab – Configure Dynamic Dial Plan

  • Configure CCD/SAF between Clusters and IOS devices
  • Configure SIP URI dialing

Lab – Configure ILS

Lab – Configure Mobility I

  • Configure Device Mobility
  • Configure Extension Mobility

Configure Mobility II

  • Configure Extension Mobility Cross Cluster


 Lab – Configure Unity Connection

  • Integrate Unity Connection withSCCP
    • Test MWI
    • Test Incoming VMs
    • Test Integration
    • Create an Auto Attendant
  • Integrate Unity Connection with SIP
    • Test MWI
    • Test Incoming VMs
    • Test Integration
    • Create an Auto Attendant
  • Configure Pilot
  • Configure AA
  • Configure Greeting Administrator

Lab – Configure Unity Express

  • GUI – Integrate Unity with CUCM
  • GUI – Configure Pilot
  • GUI – Configure AA
  • GUI – Configure Greeting Administrator
  • GUI – Configure Users and Mailboxes
  • GUI – Configure

Lab – Configure IM & Presence

  • Integrate with CUCM
  • Configure SRV Records
  • Configure Users
  • Configure UC Profiles
  • Configure UC Service
  • Configure XML File

Lab – Configure UCCX

  • Integrate with CUCM
  • Create an application
  • Create a Script
  • Create Holiday Schedules
  • Create DNIS routing based
  • Create ANI routing based
  • Create an Auto Attendant
  • Configure SQL integration/Lookup

About the Author:

Andres Sarmiento, CCIE # 53520 (Collaboration)
With more than 13 years of experience, Andres is specialized in the Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies. Consulted for several companies in South Florida, also Financial Institutions on behalf of Cisco Systems. Andres has been involved in high-profile implementations including Cisco technologies; such as Data Center, UC & Collaboration, Contact Center Express, Routing & Switching, Security and Hosted IPT Service provider infrastructures.

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