Directory lookup not working – Unified Attendant Console Standard V11.0.2.

In some cases when you complete the installation of the Attendant Console Standard, you may notice that the Directory lookup is not working. You may ask yourself, what could be the issue.

The issue

Plain and simple, the Attendant console is not able to return any information from the Directory

The Solution

At the installation stage you will be asked to provide the IP address of the CUCM server and the User name and password of the Console User:


Right after this, and you have to believe me on this one, you will receive a Certificate warning, saying YES or NO, it will also give you the option to see the details of the Certificate. Please select YES to ensure that you accept the certificate.

This happens when the server is running on Self Signed Certificates, and are not trusted by your PC.

Further information to avoid unexpected issues

It is very important and I’m going to say this once, RTFM… I know that I’m one of the worst offenders here and I’m guilty of this charge. Now moving forward, I’m leaving you the link for the Installation guide from Cisco:

Find Your Version:

Feeling Lazy and wan to get to the 11.5 Version guide:

In case you really don’t want to scroll down more, I’m giving you few pointers:

Network Requirements

This image shows you the light:

Basically what this is saying is that you may need to take a look at your Firewall restrictions, in case you have a very restrictive FW. in this case, the connection is generated from the PC, so unless your FW is set to freak level, you will not find any issues.

Antivirus Requirements

Pretty straight forward, just trust the installation files related to the Attendant Console Standard and you will not get any wierd message from your AV, not trusting the application.

Further information

In the case that you are still having issues with this configuration, feel free to reach out in the comments box, I will do my best to give you any pointers to look at

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