The Basics of Networking | The most Common Protocols in Networks

There is a very long list of network protocols, but I wanted to include a comprehensive list, with its descriptions. As mentioned this is a short list that is only including the most common and basic protocols

As you progress in your learning you will notice more protocols, based on the things that you are trying to achieve. Mostly it comes down to your infrastructure requirements and environment.

We can think of this list as a quick list to get us started, as these are the most common protocols

Protocol Definition
TCP Transmission Control Protocol, a connection-oriented protocol that ensures reliable data transfer.
UDP User Datagram Protocol, a connectionless protocol that is faster and has lower overhead than TCP.
IP Internet Protocol, a network-layer protocol responsible for routing packets of data through a network.
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol, a protocol used for transmitting data on the World Wide Web.
HTTPS HTTP Secure, a combination of HTTP and SSL/TLS protocol and it is used for secure communication over the internet.
FTP File Transfer Protocol, a protocol used for transferring files between computers on a network.
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol used for automatically assigning IP addresses to devices on a network.
DNS Domain Name System, a protocol used for translating domain names into IP addresses.
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a protocol used for sending email messages between servers.
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol, a protocol used for managing and monitoring network devices.

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