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Looking to get a better picture of the Security Portfolio from Cisco I thought it will be a good idea to have a document handy. I know that this list may be obsolete at some point but will help illustrate what I’m trying to achieve today 🙂

It is a reality that Security is right now the main focus of any company out there, if not and you are asking yourself why? then you should be worried.

Many Products Many Solutions

Cisco has a solution for every challenge you may be presented with… (intended to be taken as a sarcasm or as a sales line) – seriously now, they do, and in my opinion still too many products, but many of them important to highlight and understand.

To sum it up, here is the list ** Quick Disclaimer, I may have missed some key components, I know, but I should get them squeezed here at some point as I recollect them from studies 🙂

• Next-Generation Firewalls

for a quick visual, here is what this means
These are Firewalls with many functions and features, that should provide security at the Edge

• Next-Generation IPS

I’m not repeating the last image, but this line is looking to address and position, SourceFire acquisition and still available Physical appliances. I consider important, and you should too, that there is also a Virtual appliance available, that has the same feature set than the Physical appliance.

For the visuals:
My favorite, the Virtual NGIPS –> NGIPSv

• Advanced Malware Protection

This one is a bit more challenging to describe, because almost all the products contain some flavor of it, from Endpoints to Network Devices and Appliances, on premises or Cloud AMP is there
I invite you to find more about it, on the following page –> Cisco AMP

For one more visual, and a bit better than the last one

• Network Visibility & Analytics

This one is Cisco StealthWatch, I recently dedicated a blog post on the overview of the product and some thoughts on what is and should be next
You can follow along here

• Cloud Security

I’d like to highlight Cisco CloudLock as one of the things I know nothing about so I will owe you that one. And let’s not leave behind Cisco’s Umbrella, formerly known as OpenDNS

• Web and Email Security

Cisco’s Email Security Appliance, formerly known as IronPort, is part of the Cloud and Security Solutions, Cisco Web Security and many other products mentioned or to mentioned later have some flavor of Cloud and Premise.

• Policy & Access –> Now Visibility and Enforcement — Like it?

Last but not least the great Cisco ISE, which is responsible for many sleepless nights at the Datacenter and training or at the lab. This is, in my opinion, one of the solutions that try to put Security together and into context (Pun intended)
Since the title changed slightly, Enforcement refers to TrustSec, which aims to introduce Software Defined Segmentation, like if there were not enough “SD’s” in IT
Learn more about Cisco ISE (Use with Caution, remember I told you so!)

Learn more about TrustSec

• All of the previous, backed by Cisco’s Talos Intelligence

To me this is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, these guys and gals, get to see everything into the wild, they correlate and provide information back to network devices and Endpoint solutions.

To know more about them:
Their Website –>>
Their Blog –>>
Their Podcast –>>

The quick and non-exhaustive list?


What to look Forward to?

The Security Landscape is big with this one! – I should get more information as I keep investigating and curiosity starts waking up, I find fascinating and amusing that there are so many products and so many opportunities to learn from Security, the truth is that we are talking about just one product.

About the Author:

Andres Sarmiento, CCIE # 53520 (Collaboration)
With more than 13 years of experience, Andres is specialized in the Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies. Consulted for several companies in South Florida, also Financial Institutions on behalf of Cisco Systems. Andres has been involved in high-profile implementations including Cisco technologies; such as Data Center, UC & Collaboration, Contact Center Express, Routing & Switching, Security and Hosted IPT Service provider infrastructures.

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