CUBE LTI – Local Transcoding Interface No need for SCCP and/or CME Licenses)

Hi everyone, I think this post will be very useful for everyone, I have tried this on few production environments and requires some tweaking but nothing impossible, just make sure you are aware of how the call flows and how it interacts with other endpoints.

Previously the issues I have had with this configuration have been based on DTMF, oddly enough DTMF on International calls only. Fortunately the case was resolved by our provider in conjunction with few commands that are listed in this document.

This is a link from the Cisco website, but I really like this as part of my toolbox!

I think this blog has lately becoming my bookmarks place! – happy reading


CUBE 9.0 Local Transcoding Interface (LTI)

!— Dspfarm profile configuration with associate
!— application CUBE for LTI transcoding.
dspfarm profile 1 transcode universal
codec g729ar8
codec g729br8
codec g711alaw
codec g711ulaw
codec g729r8
maximum sessions 12
associate application CUBE

!— Only dspfarm profile configurations are needed for
!— LTI-based transcoding. All the SCCP-based transcoding
!— features will be supported with LTI-based transcoding.

Verify Registration

CUBE#show dspfarm profile 1
Dspfarm Profile Configuration
 Profile ID = 1, Service =Universal TRANSCODING, Resource ID = 1 
 Profile Description : 
 Profile Service Mode : Non Secure
 Profile Admin State : UP
 Profile Operation State : ACTIVE << Profile 1 is ACTIVE
 Application : CUBE   Status : ASSOCIATED << Profile 1 (LTI) is associated with CUBE application
 Resource Provider : FLEX_DSPRM   Status : UP
 Number of Resource Configured : 12
 Number of Resources Out of Service : 0
 Number of Resources Active : 0
 Codec Configuration: num_of_codecs:5
 Codec : g729ar8, Maximum Packetization Period : 60
 Codec : g729br8, Maximum Packetization Period : 60
 Codec : g711alaw, Maximum Packetization Period : 30
 Codec : g711ulaw, Maximum Packetization Period : 30
 Codec : g729r8, Maximum Packetization Period : 60




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