CCNA – LAN Switching Technologies RE: 100-101 ICND [LAB-1]

This one is going to be a series of labs to help friends with their CCNA studies, I have always been asked about something like this and I think now is the time to help and share.

In order to help you pass the ICND 1 there are few things that you need to visualize. I want to start from the one I think its more important: 

Know the Objectives

Here is a quick list of what you will be asked in the real exam:

From Objective 2.0 Configure and verify initial switch configuration

Equipment: 2 Cisco 3750 + 1 Cisco 1841


Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 8.26.14 PM



so in this objective they want us to be able to configure and verify the following when working with switches

mgmt ip address
ip default-gateway
local user and password
enable secret password
console and VTY logins
service password encryption
copy run start


Customer wants you to configure 2 new switches, the customer purchased 2 switches and a router in order to create a small business network.

Configure the following:

Configure the Switches:

– Give the 2 new switches a name
– Give the 2 new switches a Management IP address (VLAN 10)
– Give the switches a default Gateway
– Configure console with a username and a password
– Configure Telnet/SSH access to the switch
– Configure Enable Secret
– Configure Console/Telnet/SSH timeout of 10 minutes
– Encrypt all passwords on the switches
– Save your configuration

No much network Connectivity on this one until we configure a trunk and a router:

  • Create VLANS on switch 1 (10 – 20 – 30)
  • Configure Trunk Interfaces for the switches on Fast Ethernet 1/0/24
  • Configure Switch-1 as the VTP server
  • Configure Switch-2 as the VTP Client
  • Configure a VTP Domain
  • Configure a VTP Password

Configure a Router

  • Configure IP address of the router on interface Fast Ethernet 0/0
  • Connect Network cable to any VLAN 10 port on the switch

Test and Verify

  • Connect a computer to the management VLAN 10
  • Assign Static IP addresses to all PCs
  • There will not be interval Routing because we are using Layer 2 Switches and we have not configured interfaces for the VLANs on the Router
  • Verify VTP connectivity


** I do recommend creating this configuration at least 3 times, so that you are confident configuring it.


Show commands:

show vtp status: Display the information about VTP
show plan brief: Display the VLANS on the VLASN Database and the assigned ports
show ip interface brief: Display all interfaces on a list format (UP/Down)
show interface status (Shows interfaces based on configuration (Trunk or Access), also helpful to see descriptions and connection status

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